About Dan

ddkirschDan Kirsch joined Hurwitz & Associates as a research analyst focused on security, governance, and privacy.  Dan worked as a consultant with Hurwitz & Associates since 2010 and agreed to join the team full-time in the Fall of 2011.  Hurwitz & Associates is boutique strategy consulting, market research and analyst firm that focuses on how technology solutions solve real world customer problems. Hurwitz research concentrates on disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Social and Collaborative Business, Service Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0, Service Management, and Information Management.

Dan has a JD from Boston College Law School where he focused on corporate law, emerging corporations and intellectual property.  As an attorney, Dan represented start-ups, cloud computing ventures, and companies going through early financing.

Dan’s research focus is on how security, privacy and governance, are impacting the software industry and customer requirements.  In addition, Dan has been writing on the mobile market and BYOD.  Increasingly, these issues are gaining more currency with the growth of cloud computing and the growth of big data. He will be analyzing how these issues are being automated as well as the best practices that companies are putting in place.

When Dan is off the clock he is thinking about sailing on Long Island Sound or elsewhere — hopefully somewhere warm with favorable winds like the British Virgin Islands.

Feel free to reach out to Dan regarding briefings on these important topics. His email address is Dan.Kirsch@Hurwitz.com.

For additional contact information visit Hurwitz.com or Dan’s Contact Information.


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